Wednesday, January 23, 2019

As I Stand

Kent, UK
I stand there with the cool wind whipping my face, whispering its secrets from the day just gone. A train zips past, full of empty minded people totally unaware that I watch them on their journey home. Home lights in the distance hover like static lighting bugs frozen in time.
And me………I stand there, on the edge, with a black abyss beneath me……..heavy thoughts weight me down.
Just remember you drove me to this, with your thoughtless words and dismissive ways, with your harsh looks and secretive actions. A heart like mine is fragile and the tape that holds the pieces together can easily become unstuck. And as the pieces fall their place is filled with a hopeless void.
So I stand here, looking down, wondering if there is another way, but my heart tells me there is not. This is the only way to rid myself of the empty space that now fills me. And the step forward I take is an easy one, freeing me from all my pain. As the air rushes by, its voice is soothing, telling me that soon everything will be ok. Then for a second I feel crumpled and broken, but this soon passes to peace as the cold water embraces me, filling me. And soon my mind is free and my heart no longer broken……………… longer beating, not for you, not any more.
And in the time to come you will stand there, looking over me and wonder how it came to this. But just drove me to this!!!!!

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